Changes, Updates & Discipline

So I haven't posted anything since February when I did my last post on Esbats & I wish I had a really great excuse like life got busy or family stuff or moving, but the truth is that unless I have everything going on at once I don't do anything. I have been keeping up on the … Continue reading Changes, Updates & Discipline



  How To Celebrate an Esbat Whether you’re a new witchling or just looking for some reference, you’ll find some great ways to celebrate your Esbat here! Esbats are the Wiccan/Neopagan word for the celebration when that glorious night light in the sky, the moon, is at its fullest. The history of celebrating the moon … Continue reading Esbats

This Week…

Well so far my eating well and exercise goal is actually sustaining! I worked out every day from Monday-Friday for at least an hour and I've already felt an improvement. I've been sleeping better, my skin is clearing up with all the water I've been drinking, my digestive/bowel system is incredibly accurate, I feel great! … Continue reading This Week…

Wednesday Witchstagram – _.aura.creux._

Today's Wednesday Witchstagram is _.aura.creux._ !! Do you have a "name" for your craft? Or do you follow a certain path? I practice an eclectic mix of the wiccan, hermetican, and thelemic rites of witchcraft, though I study all rites of witchcraft including leviathan satanism and satanism proper, freemasonry, gnosticism, hermetism, the old religion, etc. … Continue reading Wednesday Witchstagram – _.aura.creux._