Today was kind of a weird day. 
When I woke up I for sure thought I wouldn’t have enough energy for my 8 hour massage shift, but somehow through six client my energy stayed at all time high. I don’t remember doing anything for this but oh well. 
Then I got home and it was okay for a bit and then it crashed, and it crashed hard. I went from sun shining to thunderstorms and lightning crashed everywhere I was. I was angry and my ooor husband, bless his soul, treaded very carefully through the singe marks that was my path through the house. 
He eventually found me and even though I resisted, he hugged me anyway and then I actually felt better, among talking to him about the random shit going through my mind that was adding to my anger. (Impossible situations, me being the victim.)
I ended up watching Moana (for the eighth time in less that a month), folding laundry and responding to penpal letters. Finished the night off with some self love while he gamed and now I’m just sleepy.
I have no idea how I’ll wake up tomorrow but frig I hope it’s better than what happened tonight. Sleep is the best medicine after all. 


Wednesday Witchstagram – witchy.quinzeth

Today’s feature Witch is @witchy.quinzenth!

Do you have a name for your craft?

I consider myself a pagan witch who practices different traditions in my work such as parts of wicca and druidry ect; 
How did you find your path?

I was searching online about deities, and came across goddesses, I was totally fascinated that there were cultures and religions worshiping female deities, this is when I explored Roman, Greek and Egypt cultures deeply and then eventually learned about polytheism, which then lead me to paganism. 
What called you to it?

I have always been a nature lover, I have always been fascinated by divination, tarot cards, physics, magic in movies and Fantasy and so when I discovered witchcraft was a real thing I just knew instantly it was for me.
Are you open about it with friends/family? 

Yes, my family and friends are very understanding and respectful towards it. My grandma was a medium so such things weren’t unusual to my mother. 
Are there any other crafts or paths that you are interested in exploring? 

Druidism, Celtic cultures are my new exploration currently. I have always been a big fan of Egypt and Greek cultures but I am from the UK so we have a big history on Celts and even the Romans so would love to learn more about that. 
What is your favourite thing to do?

Tarots and runes mostly, I love love herbal magick and I am a crystal collector so crystal magick i enjoy also, I love meditation and the chakras and so my crystals play a big part in that. 
Do you practice with others or solitaire?

I practice alone, I have a couple of friends who are interested and so I have taught them a few things about wicca, but I mostly work alone on my path.
Do you have a favourite author that is your go to for inspiration?

I don’t have a favourite, I have quite a few books from different authors, but I have quite a few Anne-Marie Gallagher books. 
Do you have a favourite Insta/Tumblr/Website you go to for knowledge or inspiration? 

I’m a member of several witchcraft and wiccan groups on facebook, I follow a number of witchy people of Instagram and tumblr but my biggest inspiration is Selena Fox. 
Are you willing to allow others to reach out to you to ask you questions? 

Yes most definitely! People message me quite often and I will always help in any way I can!
Where do you hail from?

I am from the north of England in the UK. Surrounded in Roman and Celtic heritage

Wednesday Witchstagram – witchy.quinzeth

Spell: Banishing Unwanted Spirit

For the waning moon we just had and its powerful banishing properties, I worked a spell to help with protecting a friend of mine and her mother from an unwanted, negative spirit that has followed her around for years.

This particular spirit is quite malevolent and has been named a “demon” by my friend and her mother. It wakes her, hides objects, it has even shown itself to her mother taking form of two cat-like eyes glowing red in the light of dusk.

I’m going to share with you the spell I performed. Please change it to fit your will as not everyone has the same sets of deities, and of course different ingredients will call to you. I will list what I used and also what I could have used but chose not to for reasons that were mostly: I was not able to find them.

What I made was small witch bottles that would sit about the threshold of each entrance into their apartment, as well as one that they would keep on them at all times. The bottles I procured from a dollar store (Ontario,) and the small bags I put them in I have collected over the years or bought from my favorite occult store Odyssey.

-st.johns wort
-black obsidian (stone)
-fancy jasper(stone)
-lapis lazuli(stone)

(Other options: delphinium/larkspur, digitalis/foxglove, geranium, basil, dill, marjoram, parsely, agate, amber, calcite, carnelian, citrine, jet, malachite, onyx, quartz, ruby, tigers eye, turquoise.)

I used an incense picked up from Odyssey called “Home Protection” as well as pulling out the tarot card “Strength” and “The Sun”. “Strength” because it is associated with her zodiac Leo, and “The Sun” because of it’s shining, warm, positive light, that it might provide that to her through these charms.

I then cast my circle by walking clockwise with my two fingers on my right hand pointed out, envision my white light creating a circle, and then expanding to form a translucent dome over me and my work space. I then used my sage smudge stick to smudge my circle and myself, ridding everything in the circle of any negative energies.

I got down to business calling in the quarters.

“I call to the element of Earth, please aid me in this spell and lend me your strength.”
I lit the green candle to the North.
“I call to the element of Air, please aid me in this spell and lend me your wisdom.”
I lit the yellow candle to the East.
“I call to the element of Fire, please aid me in this spell and lend me your courage.”
I lit the red candle to the South.
“I call to the element of Water, please aid me in this spell and lend me your love.”
I lit the white candle to the West. (Traditionally you would use blue but I did not have a blue votive candle when I thought I did, and in this case white is the best substitute.)

I then turned my head to the heavens and asked for the assistance of the two Gods I chose.

“I humbly ask the Norse God Vali, The Avenger, to please lend me your power. Help me avenge my friend *name* of her fears and her peace of mind from the demon that haunts her.”

“I humbly ask the Norse God Vidar, God of silence, stealth and revenge, to please lend me your power. Help me seek revenge and banish the demon threatening and terrorising the life of my friend *name*”

I then lit the Gold candle representing the Gods.

“I light the white candle, to add the power of light and of protection to this spell.”
I lit the white taper candle.
“I light the black candle, to add the power of banishment of negativity to this spell.”
I lit the black taper candle.

I then sat down for a few moments and meditated on the protection that would fall on my friends apartment, the line invisible to the mortal eye but feared by negative spirits knowing that they could not cross, enveloping the bored of each window or door like it was a line of Christmas lights.

“I thank you all for joining me in this circle tonight and lending me your powers. I appreciate all of you and your gifts.”

I then got to work by layering the bottom of each bottle with the black obsidian, fancy jasper and lapis lazuli. Next I ground up all the herbs and using a funnel I poured the concoction into each of the 7 jars. (5 for the doors and windows and one for each person.) Once I had corked all of them I ran each jar through each element. I rolled it in the salt for Earth, passed it through the incense smoke for Air, rolled it through the black candle flame for Fire, and gently dipped it in my water jug for Water saying;

“Earth, Air, Fire, Water. I consecrate this charm for protection and banishment.” and then placed each one in its own bag.

When I was done with all the charms I then gave libation and thanks. Since I was out of wine and cakes (poorly planned on my part, oops,) I mixed a gin drink instead. I first thanked the Gods since they were the last entities that entered my circle.

“I thank you Vidar, for accompanying me tonight. Your presence did not go unnoticed and I thank you for any and all help you chose to offer. Good evening.”
I raised my chalice in the air and took a sip of the gin drink.

“I thank you Vali, for accompanying me tonight. Your presence did not go unnoticed and I thank you for any and all help you chose to offer. Good evening.”
I raised my chalice in the air and took a sip of the gin drink, and blew out the gold candle.

I then turned to each of the four corners and did the same.

“I thank you, element of Water, for lending me your love in this spell of protection and banishment for my friend *name*. Your presence did not go unnoticed. Thank you.”
I raised my chalice to the West and took a sip of the gin drink, and blew out the white candle.

“I thank you, element of Fire, for lending me your courage in this spell of protection and banishment for my friend *name*. Your presence did not go unnoticed. Thank you.”
I raised my chalice to the South and took a sip of the gin drink, and blew out the red candle.

“I thank you, element of Air, for lending me your wisdom in this spell of protection and banishment for my friend *name*. Your presence did not go unnoticed. Thank you.”
I raised my chalice to the East and took a sip of the gin drink, and blew out the yellow candle.

“I thank you, element of Earth, for lending me your strength in this spell of protection and banishment for my friend *name*. Your presence did not go unnoticed. Thank you.”
I raised my chalice to the North and took a sip of the gin drink, and blew out the green candle.

I then sage smudged the circle and myself again, before walking counter-clockwise with my two first fingers on my right hand, seemingly sucked in the dome and the first line I drew in protection. When the circle was gone I simply extinguished the black and white taper candles and proceeded to clean up.

The way that these charms will work is that they will be placed somewhere that her two cats cant get at them, so probably thumb tacked somewhere. In this instance I would like to see them tacked to the top of the window frame so that they are always in view of the night sky, this way they can be charged on every full and new moon without fear or having to take them down.

I wrote this spell down in my Book of Shadows, also including the time I started and stopped the spell (about an hour,) the day of the week, the moon phase and what star sign the moon was in, just for any and all reference.

The charms are going to her tomorrow and I believe they will work, and I can’t wait for her to be more calm in her own home.

Have a blessed night.
Merry part.


Spell: Banishing Unwanted Spirit

When Should You work Magick?

Yep! You can cast spells at anytime you’d like!
Now, that being said, there are of course specific times of the day, month, year, moon phase, and zodiac that definitely will add power to your spell! But don’t think that just because you need something worked, and it doesn’t coincide with anything that may add extra power, doesn’t make it a less powerful spell or make you a bad witch. Because unless you can know that next Friday you’re going to come down with a head cold and can therefore use the Waning Moons influence right to banish any negative energies or illness, you’re going to wake up Friday feeling like crap and wanting to do a healing spell. At that point, just do it!
The first thing most witches will research when needing a spell and needing it now, is what to put in it not when to do it, since they know when and when is right away! Herbs, candles of specific colours, crystals, sea shells, salt, dirt, water; these are all ingredients that will add the intent and power to your spell.
If you have time to plan; say if you want to do a confidence spell for a job interview, or you’re going to meet your partners family and need to calm some anxiety, you can definitely plan when to do the spell since you know when the day is you’ll be needing the extra boost!
But if you don’t have the time to plan out your spell, don’t feel bad, and don’t feel like it won’t work. The Magic comes from you. You can also re arrange your wording. Instead of trying to banish a sickness on a waning moon, try bringing in health on a waxing or full moon if that’s when you need to do the spell. It’s all in the words and intentions. If they are clear, the spell is clear and the message is clear!
I’ll be putting up future posts on specific timing when it comes to days, seasons, and moon phases. Stay tuned!! 
Blessed be



When Should You work Magick?

Wednesday Witchstagram – _arielle.moon_

Today’s Wednesday Witchstagram is the lovely _arielle.moon_. Here’s her story!

I don’t have a name for my path, as I don’t completely identify with any I’ve learned about. I was fairly young when I started but had no idea that what I was doing actually had a name for it- things like astral projection, meditation, attempting to connect with other beings (ET’s or deities) etc. 

I don’t really talk about it too much to others unless they bring up their own interest in Tarot, crystal healing, dream work, herbs, meditation, and my other primary interests….

But I’m not ashamed either. 

I’ve had a really hard time finding witch related literature I completely identify with, but Sacred Sleep by Scott Cunningham as well as The healing Power of Water by Masaru Emoto have greatly influenced me, along with various geological, and herbal identification books. 

I’m mostly solitary but I’m lucky to have sisters I practice with occasionally on the rare occasions we’re in the same city, lol.

Wednesday Witchstagram – _arielle.moon_

Wednesday Witchstagram – skepticaldruid

Here you’ll find an interview with skepticaldruid, a fellow pagan posted for Wednesday Witchstagram on my Instagram page. 

His page is here

“Do you have a “name” for your craft? Or do you follow a certain path?”

The label I have given myself is Druid and I follow the path of druidry. I have influences from many paths but druidry is the core of my beliefs.

“How did you find your path? What called you to it?”

As far back as I can remember I have always had an interest in the esoteric, occult, the mysterious and the unexplainable. With that interest it lead me to finding other like minded people and eventually lead me to hearing of Wicca, that was in my early teens. Those people i found told me about a local Pagan store called Where Faeries Live. Upon entering that store i realized there was so much more than just Wicca. From my early teens till i was about 22 I had bought allot of different books on all different paths and beliefs. Then in 2007-08 I found the website which is the site for The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. Everything I read about druidry and the Order resonated with me so i joined that same year. Ive been following it ever since. 

“Are you open about it with friends/family Why or why not?”

Some long time friends outside the pagan community know I am Pagan but most who know me in the day to day, like work friends and aquaintences dont know. There is much stigma towards “religion” and spiritual paths where I am. Its like politics where it can get very heated between different beliefs so I choose to be “in the broom closet” because I dont feel like explaining myself to, arguing or having to defend my beliefs to “muggles” (harry potter reference for non magic types). All of that is the reason why I choose to keep my identity hidden.

“Are there any other crafts, or paths, that you’re interested in exploring?”

There are things from all paths that interest me. I love how nature based Druidry is, the communion between person and animal in the Shamanic paths, recently candle magic in Hoodoo has become a huge facination of mine. I could go on and on.

“What is your favorite thing to do? (Eh; Tarot, crystal work, herb work, or whatever)”

Oracle deck divination, Rune divination, Candle magic and I would like to dabble with herbs

“Do you practice with others or solitaire?”

For a long time I was solitary till i met my wife and found out she wad pagan as well. It was just us for many years but recently as last year through the wonders of Instagram we found a third person who at the least comesnover for sabbats to celebrate with us. She ahs become a very good friend, almost family. Soon oir little pagan tribe could adopt a fourth.

“Do you have a favorite author that is your go to for inspiration?”

Not really, I am not that big of a reader. Takes me a very long time to finish books. Essentially what ever interests me, I read

“Do you have a favorite Instagram/Tumblr/Website you go to for knowledge or inspiration?”

Is there enough space to write them all? Haha its mostly Instagram, i used to be all over pagan social media but it was to much to keep uo with so i stick to Instagram. The first that comes to mind are the first ones i remember stumbling on when instarted my pagan IG.

@terrifos and @ladytor they are amazing pagan artists and the over all vibe of there pages inspire me to keep shareing on my page. 

Two more are @witcheryway and @warriorapothecary two local pagan women that sell their weares to the local community. Their pages and them personally i have consulted for knowledge

“Are you willing to allow others to reach out to you to ask you questions?”

Ofcourse, i cannot guarantee thenanswres that someone might seek but i can try to answer to the best of my ability and or point them in the rigbt direction.

“Where do you hail from?”

I live outside of a city called Edmonton in the Province of Alberta that is part of the the great country known as Canada.

Wednesday Witchstagram – skepticaldruid

Which Witch are You?

Now this is a trick question. Anyone that is a long time practitioner will immediately answer with; green, kitchen, traditional, Gardenian, eclectic, Wiccan. 
For any of the newbies, you might have gone to where I went when I first read that: good, or bad. 

If you think you need a name, a set of rules, a specific path to be a witch, I want you to wipe that from your mind right now. 
Unlike a lot I’d organized religion that has a set of rules you are required to follow to be seen as “holy” or an acceptable member of their faith, there are little to no rules in the Craft. 

(In fact, its more of a moral guideline in most of the craft practices, boiling down to simply don’t be a shit. Which can also be translated as “treat others the way you want to be treated.” A world known saying parents tell their children.)
That being said, this moral guideline is really only spoken when it comes to a specific path you choose to follow; Wicca, Druidry, Green/Hedge witchcraft, and it mostly refers to being respectful to the earth. But if you really wanted to, like really wanted to, curse someone, there’s nothing that says you can’t. A lot of witches if you ask them to, they won’t, so don’t be surprised when they say no. A lot of us believe in karma, or possibly the rule of 3, stating that what you send out will come back to you eventually. Possibly 3 times as worse. 

So pay attention while you read this; no one, nor ANYONE, has the right to tell you how to practice YOUR craft. Like anything in the world, you might find people who disagree with your path, other people or other witches. But they have no right to tell you how you should be practicing, or telling you you are a “bad witch” for how you practice. 

If you want to talk to plants, talk to plants. If you want to howl at the moon, howl at the moon. If you want to curse, curse. Unless you choose to follow a path where their rules and regulations speak to your inner core, you are not required to follow any guideline that doesn’t sit well with you. 
So when you go searching for a path, make sure not only the craft speaks to you but also their core of ethics. 

Merry part



Which Witch are You?