Today was kind of a weird day.  When I woke up I for sure thought I wouldn't have enough energy for my 8 hour massage shift, but somehow through six client my energy stayed at all time high. I don't remember doing anything for this but oh well.  Then I got home and it was … Continue reading TGIF?


Wednesday Witchstagram – witchy.quinzeth

Today's feature Witch is @witchy.quinzenth! Do you have a name for your craft? I consider myself a pagan witch who practices different traditions in my work such as parts of wicca and druidry ect;  How did you find your path? I was searching online about deities, and came across goddesses, I was totally fascinated that … Continue reading Wednesday Witchstagram – witchy.quinzeth

My Bookshelf

The Tarot Bible - Sarah Bartlett The Complete Book of Garden Magic (1935,1940) -  Roy E. Biles Mrs. B's Guide to Household Witchcraft - Kris Bradley The Spirit Book - Raymond Buckland Moon Magick - DJ Conway Living Wicca - Scott Cunningham Cunninghams Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs - Scott Cunningham Divination for Beginners - Scott Cunningham Earth, Air, Fire, Water - Scott Cunningham … Continue reading My Bookshelf