When Should You work Magick?

Yep! You can cast spells at anytime you’d like!
Now, that being said, there are of course specific times of the day, month, year, moon phase, and zodiac that definitely will add power to your spell! But don’t think that just because you need something worked, and it doesn’t coincide with anything that may add extra power, doesn’t make it a less powerful spell or make you a bad witch. Because unless you can know that next Friday you’re going to come down with a head cold and can therefore use the Waning Moons influence right to banish any negative energies or illness, you’re going to wake up Friday feeling like crap and wanting to do a healing spell. At that point, just do it!
The first thing most witches will research when needing a spell and needing it now, is what to put in it not when to do it, since they know when and when is right away! Herbs, candles of specific colours, crystals, sea shells, salt, dirt, water; these are all ingredients that will add the intent and power to your spell.
If you have time to plan; say if you want to do a confidence spell for a job interview, or you’re going to meet your partners family and need to calm some anxiety, you can definitely plan when to do the spell since you know when the day is you’ll be needing the extra boost!
But if you don’t have the time to plan out your spell, don’t feel bad, and don’t feel like it won’t work. The Magic comes from you. You can also re arrange your wording. Instead of trying to banish a sickness on a waning moon, try bringing in health on a waxing or full moon if that’s when you need to do the spell. It’s all in the words and intentions. If they are clear, the spell is clear and the message is clear!
I’ll be putting up future posts on specific timing when it comes to days, seasons, and moon phases. Stay tuned!! 
Blessed be




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