Wednesday Witchstagram – witchy.quinzeth

Today’s feature Witch is @witchy.quinzenth!

Do you have a name for your craft?

I consider myself a pagan witch who practices different traditions in my work such as parts of wicca and druidry ect; 
How did you find your path?

I was searching online about deities, and came across goddesses, I was totally fascinated that there were cultures and religions worshiping female deities, this is when I explored Roman, Greek and Egypt cultures deeply and then eventually learned about polytheism, which then lead me to paganism. 
What called you to it?

I have always been a nature lover, I have always been fascinated by divination, tarot cards, physics, magic in movies and Fantasy and so when I discovered witchcraft was a real thing I just knew instantly it was for me.
Are you open about it with friends/family? 

Yes, my family and friends are very understanding and respectful towards it. My grandma was a medium so such things weren’t unusual to my mother. 
Are there any other crafts or paths that you are interested in exploring? 

Druidism, Celtic cultures are my new exploration currently. I have always been a big fan of Egypt and Greek cultures but I am from the UK so we have a big history on Celts and even the Romans so would love to learn more about that. 
What is your favourite thing to do?

Tarots and runes mostly, I love love herbal magick and I am a crystal collector so crystal magick i enjoy also, I love meditation and the chakras and so my crystals play a big part in that. 
Do you practice with others or solitaire?

I practice alone, I have a couple of friends who are interested and so I have taught them a few things about wicca, but I mostly work alone on my path.
Do you have a favourite author that is your go to for inspiration?

I don’t have a favourite, I have quite a few books from different authors, but I have quite a few Anne-Marie Gallagher books. 
Do you have a favourite Insta/Tumblr/Website you go to for knowledge or inspiration? 

I’m a member of several witchcraft and wiccan groups on facebook, I follow a number of witchy people of Instagram and tumblr but my biggest inspiration is Selena Fox. 
Are you willing to allow others to reach out to you to ask you questions? 

Yes most definitely! People message me quite often and I will always help in any way I can!
Where do you hail from?

I am from the north of England in the UK. Surrounded in Roman and Celtic heritage


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