Wednesday Witchstagram – moon.and.bones

Today’s Wednesday Witchstagram Feature is moon.and.bones ! 🌙💀
Do I have a “name” for my craft? 

I suppose I would have to go for “Eclectic Brujeria” because I incorporate spellwork, holidays and deities from so many cultures. Currently I have found myself drawn very intensely to the Yoruban pantheon. Specifically I have been communing and working with Yemaya, Oshun and Ellegua. I have been leaning more and more to these religions and traditions that work with these Orishas and Lwas, such as Voodoo, Hoodoo, Ifa, and Santeria. I am currently I also work closely with Hecate and the triple moon/triple Goddess aspect of paganism. I also have lately felt drawn to the Egyptian pantheon as well. Specifically Isis and Sekhmet.
Am I open to my friends and family? 

Select friends understand the depth of my beliefs, and I’m sure others have their suspicions. Lol! When you come to my house and see my altar and all of my candles and crystals and my herb collection, its fairly obvious something is up! As for my family, I don’t get into it too much with them. They are for the most part Catholic and in the past trying to explain my beliefs to them has caused more harm than good.
I am interested in exploring all paths! Even if I do not choose to incorporate a certain path into my work, I believe all paths are interesting to learn about. For instance, I have several friends who follow the left hand path, I find their perspectives thought provoking. I also am interested in Celtic Paganism, Norse Paganism and I love New Orleans Voodoo. New Orleans Voodoo, and Marie Laveau have had a huge influence on my practice.
My favorite work to do is candle magick, herbalism, oils, tinctures, brews, teas. I love crafting wreaths for Pagan holidays, making Florida water…just doing withchy stuff! Lol, I love it all!
For a very long time I practiced alone. I first got into witchcraft at 12 years old. I had a small collection of books. My mother found them and freaked out and threw them all away. At this point I told myself that my craft was an aspect of myself that I needed to keep secret. Over time, and its taken a long time, I have been more open about it. I started posting little things here and there on social media, and in doing that I discovered my Sister-witch Katrina Fae (bee_witch_tx)!! We’ve been practicing together ever since. We even have an online apothecary that we are just getting off of the ground. Check it out, queens.hive.apothecary on Instagram!! ❤
Do I have a favorite author? 

Goodness, that’s a hard one! I enjoy all of Llewellyns’s publications and the authors that they publish…I also enjoy the late great Scott Cunningham, Ann Moura, and a book I reference CONSTANTLY is The Voodoo Hoodoo spell book by Denise Alvarado.
My fave IG that I go to for inspiration would have to be Haus of Hoodoo, Madame Magnolia, Moma Sarah (conjuredcardea) and Selena Fox.
Am I willing to allow others to reach out to me to ask questions.

Where do I hail from? 

The Hill Country in Texas (Kerrville)


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