Wednesday Witchstagram – _.aura.creux._

Today's Wednesday Witchstagram is _.aura.creux._ !! Do you have a "name" for your craft? Or do you follow a certain path? I practice an eclectic mix of the wiccan, hermetican, and thelemic rites of witchcraft, though I study all rites of witchcraft including leviathan satanism and satanism proper, freemasonry, gnosticism, hermetism, the old religion, etc. … Continue reading Wednesday Witchstagram – _.aura.creux._


A Journey in Health; Depression and Tattoos

I would like to start off this post with a disclaimer: Massage Therapy is a medical course that teaches you everything about the body right from the cellular level and up, and in Canada the education and regulation of the practice is very strict.  The information following in this post is all encompassing from; my … Continue reading A Journey in Health; Depression and Tattoos