Wednesday Witchstagram – _.aura.creux._

Today’s Wednesday Witchstagram is _.aura.creux._ !!

Do you have a “name” for your craft? Or do you follow a certain path?
I practice an eclectic mix of the wiccan, hermetican, and thelemic rites of witchcraft, though I study all rites of witchcraft including leviathan satanism and satanism proper, freemasonry, gnosticism, hermetism, the old religion, etc.
How did you find your path? What called you to it?
I don’t think I found my path, at all. It found me; that is to say, it was a natural progression from the key events in my life.
Are you open about it with friends/family?
Yes, I am; though my family has seen my instagram, none of them have really asked me about it. My mother knows that I practice witchcraft, which she experimented in the past with.
Why or why not?
I’m open about it because we live in a day and age free of religious prosecution (for the most part), and by being open I can learn more from other witches who cross my path.
Are there any other crafts, or paths, that you’re interested in exploring?
All of them. I wish to become an incredibly learned scholar of the arcane arts, in all their forms.
What is your favorite thing to do? (Eh; Tarot, crystal work, herb work, or whatever)
I have found that I’m an incredibly powerful enchanter, so enchantments, though draining, are where most of my magical energy goes. I do also so Tatot readings, but I’m nowhere near a professional level.
Do you practice with others or solitaire?
I’ve been high priest in two covens, but nowadays I mostly practice solitarily.
Do you have a favorite author that is your go to for inspiration?
Not particularly, being fairly eclectic I have a large library of wiccan and hermetican works, in addition to much of Crowley’s writing.
Do you have a favorite Instagram/Tumblr/Website you go to for knowledge or inspiration?
Though not a wiccan blog, gaywiccans is a fantastic source for a very open minded page focused on the LGBT community run by a wonderful witch by the name of Alexis
Are you willing to allow others to reach out to you to ask you questions?
Of course! My instagram is _.aura.creux._ for anyone looking to ask questions about any rite of witchcraft, be it wiccan or otherwise.
Where do you hail from? *optional*
A little town by the name of Charlton, Massachusetts, about 50 miles from Salem and 45 from Boston, out near Worcester. 
Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I would very much like to become a more active contributor to the Instagram wiccan community, and furthermore to thank you for giving me this opportunity to do so. Blessed be!


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