Changes, Updates & Discipline

So I haven’t posted anything since February when I did my last post on Esbats & I wish I had a really great excuse like life got busy or family stuff or moving, but the truth is that unless I have everything going on at once I don’t do anything. I have been keeping up on the paganearthchild Instagram page but have totally neglected the blog, so I wanted to share some updates.


I have spent the last month or so, teaching a friend of mine the basics & principles of Wicca, and helping him find a spiritual path that has given him some sort of guidance in this crazy, modern world. Which has lifted & filled my spirit in ways I wasn’t aware it could be filled. On top of that, it’s made me more aware of what I post & how often and that there are people that follow the IG page that really do appreciate the posts. (Because when you have a public page, “all those followers” could be robots or not even real people.) So starting in August there will be daily posts happening on the IG page, and I’m going to try and share them on the blog as well.


*Stone Sunday*

A look at different crystals, gems & stones. Essentially one every Sunday, disclosing their properties, most common uses, where they originate, & any myths, lore or spells that can come with them.


*Moonphase Monday*

Pretty self-explanatory & every changing, discussing what phase the moon is in, as well as the zodiac sign, & how that may affect you on that day or for the rest of the phase/sign/week.


*Tarot Tuesday*

I have already been posting the Tarot Tuesday and have gone through the suits Ace-10, but for the next 22 Tuesdays I’ll be posting about the Major Arcana, and after that; lore, history, spells and different tarot spreads.


*Wednesday Witchstagram*

A weekly post I had before, where I showcased a different witch for the week. IG’s new Instagram stories will help that person be featured for the week along with their answers to the questions I provide them. Looking into different paths & how other witches practice!


*Thaumaturgy Thursday*

“Thaumaturgy” is defined as “the working of wonders or miracles; magic,” and so Thursdays posts will be (I’m guessing) one of the more popular posts as it will be anything & everything related to witchcraft practies. From the basics to the advanced. Wiccan Rede, Esbats, Sabbats, ritual tools, cleansing, charging, drawing down the moon, power circles, coven practices, solitair practices, types of witchcraft, your BOS of Grimoire. Literally evrything that could be associated with the practice of your craft, a little more in depth.


*Flora Firday*

Plants, herbs, flowers! Properties of those great things that grow right in our backyard or in our windowsill. How to make teas, tonics, sachets and which herbs you should be really careful about being around. (Probably going to be my favorite time to post, plus it’s Friday!)


*Star Saturday*

Everything to do with space. Where the planets are at that moment, any upcoming shifts in retrograde or direct, constellations, history, legends, lore, different houses of your birth chart & anything astrological.


I’m really excited to start this new adventure because not only is it something I can learn from by diving into extending informaiton on some of my favorite topics, it’s also something I get to help others. The great thing about social media & the internet, is that there is much information out there, but you do need to be careful about where you get it from.

When I was first starting on my path, it was when the Internet was still a scary place & it was hard to figure out which information was true & which inforation was false. I was young enough that I didn’t have a job or even access to a big book store to buy Wiccan books so my information was very limited. I have quite a few questions weekly on how to become Wiccan or what can I do with “x-y-z” or how can I avoid “a-b-c,” so I’m trying to provide the learning experience I couldn’t have when I was first starting out 13 years ago.


I hope if you scroll through the posts  or come across the IG page, that you will find something that you didn’t know, or something you can share with a friend to help them on their personal journey.


Love & light



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