A minor introduction to Astrology

There are two types of people in the world, those who believe in the science behind astrology, and those who don't. Those who don't, don't ever see it as a science and think of it more as something someone made up based on how many people they knew and when their birthdays ended up falling. … Continue reading A minor introduction to Astrology


Wednesday Witchstagram – thewitchbone

This weeks feature is @thewitchbone I particularly like her account for all the Tarot and I love reading Tarot! Today's Wednesday Witchstagram is @thewitchbone! Do you have a "name" for your craft? Or do you follow a certain path? I’m a Kitchen Witch, I like to dabble in a little bit of everything. How did … Continue reading Wednesday Witchstagram – thewitchbone

Wednesday Witchstagram – moon.and.bones

Today's Wednesday Witchstagram Feature is moon.and.bones ! 🌙💀 Do I have a "name" for my craft?  I suppose I would have to go for "Eclectic Brujeria" because I incorporate spellwork, holidays and deities from so many cultures. Currently I have found myself drawn very intensely to the Yoruban pantheon. Specifically I have been communing and … Continue reading Wednesday Witchstagram – moon.and.bones


Today was kind of a weird day.  When I woke up I for sure thought I wouldn't have enough energy for my 8 hour massage shift, but somehow through six client my energy stayed at all time high. I don't remember doing anything for this but oh well.  Then I got home and it was … Continue reading TGIF?