Wednesday Witchstagram – hedydd

Today’s feature witch is @hedydd
Do you have a “name” for your craft? Or do you follow a certain path?

I’ve always described my witchcraft practice as “eclectic” – it sounds more honest to me, so to speak, since I’ve not being raised into a specific/strict pagan or spiritual tradition. However, my craft is mainly of hedgewitchery, green witchcraft and Celtic inspiration.

How did you find your path? What called you to it?

The Celtic culture called me through literature (books about Druids and Avalon and stuff…), music and even my birthplace (my town being of Celtic foundation). I began dabbling in green witchcraft and hedgewitchery when I came back home – having attended university in another city – and started spending more time in the countryside, closer to Nature and its cycles.

Are you open about it with friends/family?
I’d say yes, my family knows about my path and at the moment my partner and most of my friends are Pagan as well.

Why or why not?

Because I’ve always been firmly convinced that I wasn’t doing anything to be ashamed of. My family is pretty open-minded so they accepted my choices when they were persuaded that it was nothing dangerous. Hiding everything would have been too much struggle, and I already had anxiety issues for many other reasons!

Are there any other crafts, or paths, that you’re interested in exploring?

I’m fascinated by rootwork at the moment, I’d love to find proper teachers.
What is your favorite thing to do? (Eh; Tarot, crystal work, herb work, or whatever)
That’s a tough one, lol. I’d say crystal/herb work and pathworking.

Do you practice with others or solitaire?

Both. Sometimes I prefer being alone (mainly for little magickal works or divination) but most of the time I’m with my partner and/or our Circle.
Do you have a favorite author that is your go to for inspiration?

I have many, from Starhawk to Gede Parma. 

Do you have a favorite Instagram/Tumblr/Website you go to for knowledge or inspiration?

I find my whole Instagram feed inspiring, I can’t pick just one!
Are you willing to allow others to reach out to you to ask you questions?

Sure, I’d love to hear from anyone!

Where do you hail from?

I’m from northeastern Italy, I live among the mountains known as the Dolomites.
Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Sharing personal stories and experiences from the community it’s a great idea! In my country many baby witches and newbies struggle to find other people to share and/or compare their path with, so the more other Pagans share, the better!

Wednesday Witchstagram – hedydd

When Should You work Magick?

Yep! You can cast spells at anytime you’d like!
Now, that being said, there are of course specific times of the day, month, year, moon phase, and zodiac that definitely will add power to your spell! But don’t think that just because you need something worked, and it doesn’t coincide with anything that may add extra power, doesn’t make it a less powerful spell or make you a bad witch. Because unless you can know that next Friday you’re going to come down with a head cold and can therefore use the Waning Moons influence right to banish any negative energies or illness, you’re going to wake up Friday feeling like crap and wanting to do a healing spell. At that point, just do it!
The first thing most witches will research when needing a spell and needing it now, is what to put in it not when to do it, since they know when and when is right away! Herbs, candles of specific colours, crystals, sea shells, salt, dirt, water; these are all ingredients that will add the intent and power to your spell.
If you have time to plan; say if you want to do a confidence spell for a job interview, or you’re going to meet your partners family and need to calm some anxiety, you can definitely plan when to do the spell since you know when the day is you’ll be needing the extra boost!
But if you don’t have the time to plan out your spell, don’t feel bad, and don’t feel like it won’t work. The Magic comes from you. You can also re arrange your wording. Instead of trying to banish a sickness on a waning moon, try bringing in health on a waxing or full moon if that’s when you need to do the spell. It’s all in the words and intentions. If they are clear, the spell is clear and the message is clear!
I’ll be putting up future posts on specific timing when it comes to days, seasons, and moon phases. Stay tuned!! 
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When Should You work Magick?

Which Witch are You?

Now this is a trick question. Anyone that is a long time practitioner will immediately answer with; green, kitchen, traditional, Gardenian, eclectic, Wiccan. 
For any of the newbies, you might have gone to where I went when I first read that: good, or bad. 

If you think you need a name, a set of rules, a specific path to be a witch, I want you to wipe that from your mind right now. 
Unlike a lot I’d organized religion that has a set of rules you are required to follow to be seen as “holy” or an acceptable member of their faith, there are little to no rules in the Craft. 

(In fact, its more of a moral guideline in most of the craft practices, boiling down to simply don’t be a shit. Which can also be translated as “treat others the way you want to be treated.” A world known saying parents tell their children.)
That being said, this moral guideline is really only spoken when it comes to a specific path you choose to follow; Wicca, Druidry, Green/Hedge witchcraft, and it mostly refers to being respectful to the earth. But if you really wanted to, like really wanted to, curse someone, there’s nothing that says you can’t. A lot of witches if you ask them to, they won’t, so don’t be surprised when they say no. A lot of us believe in karma, or possibly the rule of 3, stating that what you send out will come back to you eventually. Possibly 3 times as worse. 

So pay attention while you read this; no one, nor ANYONE, has the right to tell you how to practice YOUR craft. Like anything in the world, you might find people who disagree with your path, other people or other witches. But they have no right to tell you how you should be practicing, or telling you you are a “bad witch” for how you practice. 

If you want to talk to plants, talk to plants. If you want to howl at the moon, howl at the moon. If you want to curse, curse. Unless you choose to follow a path where their rules and regulations speak to your inner core, you are not required to follow any guideline that doesn’t sit well with you. 
So when you go searching for a path, make sure not only the craft speaks to you but also their core of ethics. 

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Which Witch are You?

What’s With Tarot?

If you’re particularly new to witchcraft or paganism, you’ve probably run across some Instagram accounts/websites/etsy stores and the like with a LOT of tarot cards. 

I was given my first deck when I first started my witchcraft path, and that was 12 years ago. I didn’t read it right away, and even then it went south so I didn’t read for many years. About 5 years ago I came across an occult store in my new town and fell in love with a deck. I’ve been reading in and off since then, with it being more on than off in the last year. It can get addicting…but moving on! 

Let’s talk about the deck. A deck of tarot cards has 78 cards; 22 Major Arcana, and 56 Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana are separated into four suits in a similar way that a regular playing card deck is. Where in a playing card deck you have; Hearts, Spades, Clubs and Diamond, in a tarot deck you have Swords, Pentacles (or coins,) Wands and Cups. Each of the four suits is associated with one element, an area of life and three zodiacs. 

  • Pentacles – Earth; Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. The material suit.
  • Wands – Fire; Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. The action suit.  
  • Cups – Water; Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. The emotion suit. 
  • Swords – Air; Libra, Aquarius, Gemini. The wisdom suit. 

Similar to playing cards, there is Ace – 10, and then face cards. In Tarot there are 4 face cards instead of 3 and are as follows.

  • Page/Daughter
  • Knight/Son
  • Queen/Mother
  • King/Father

The names of the court cards can differ depending on the deck you’ve got, but Page-King is the most common. 

You then have the Major Arcana. These are number from 0-21 (or 1-22) and given specific names and attributes as well as different zodiac signs. The Major Arcana are also widely used in rituals or spells when needed to direct energy for a specific purpose. 

  • 0 – The Fool
  • 1 – The Magician
  • 2 – The High Priest
  • 3 – The Empress
  • 4 – The Emperor; Aries
  • 5 – The Hierophant; Taurus
  • 6 – The Lovers; Gemini
  • 7 – The Chariot; Cancer
  • 8 – Strength; Leo
  • 9 – The Hermit; Virgo
  • 10 – Wheel of Fortune
  • 11 – Justice; Libra
  • 12 – The Hanged Man
  • 13 – Death; Scorpio
  • 14 – Temperance; Sagittarius 
  • 15 – The Devil; Capricorn
  • 16 – The Tower
  • 17 – The Star; Aquarius
  • 18 – The Moon; Pisces
  • 19 – The Sun
  • 20 – Judgement 
  • 21 – The World

The meaning behind each card is very extensive so I won’t be going into detail in this post, but you can easily buy a tarot book or look up the meanings online!

So now that we’ve talked a little bit about their foundation, let’s talk about just them. When I bring my tarot cards to work or to family events, I have some folks itching for me to read (not that I’m good enough to read without my guidebook yet, but I’m always available to read,) and then I have some that immediately say “I don’t want to know.” and back away like the cards I’m holding might spontaneously burst into flames and produce a fiery demon that’s going to tell then the exact date, time, and modality of their death. 

Let me tell you, Tarot cards will not predict your demise, and if the cards do start to get extremely and consistently negative or giving you death messages, it’s time to get rid of them. 

“If they aren’t predicting the future then how do they work? What’s the point?” – everyone, ever.

Reading tarot for yourself or for someone else, is a mode of clarification. Whether you’re pulling one card or performing a Celtic Cross, the cards that are pulled are to help you clarify a situation or question. Giving you all the possible angles, or the “this might happen if you continue doing this thing.” It’s like reading the master plan of the architecture that is your life, but as soon as you’ve seen the plan, you can choose to change the position of a wall or add a window. Your life is in your hands

The tarot, like many other divination techniques, are used to allow messages to flow from the universe, SHE, or the deity of your choice, into your life. It’s like texting the universe using only photos. It’s a conversation. 

I currently have four tarot decks. The first 2 I bought, and the second 2 I was gifted. Cards that are gifted are supposed to be more powerful, but it’s whatever you’re drawn to. The first deck I was given I barely used and when I did end up trying I couldn’t see any symbolism, I got headaches and felt ill after using it and started getting dark messages. So I burned them and buried the ashes. But I love all my current decks, with the Wild Unknown being my personal favorite and the one I use every day. 

There are multiple other forms of divination as well if Tarot doesn’t call to you;

  • Runes
  • Crystal scrying
  • Ogham sticks
  • Reading tea leaves

And many more!

You also don’t HAVE to have a divination technique if that’s not what’s in your repertoire. You aren’t a “bad witch” for not using the tarot or anything else. You also don’t need to practice witchcraft if you are drawn to tarot or any other type of divination. 

Test out lots of mediums, you’ll either connect or you won’t and then you’ll know! 

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What’s With Tarot?