Why Do I Talk So Much?

I’ve noticed that I talk a lot. About virtually anything I can. Anything that has happened in my day, or that I dreamt about, or that I thought about, and I will tell anyone who will listen. 
I often wonder why this is. When I’m alone I think about how I don’t really want to talk to anyone. I don’t want to let people in and let people know me, but then I let that exact thing happen. I let in strangers, and yet I am usually so silent around those who know me best; my friends and family. 
Am I a narcissist that just wants to hear my own voice? Do I have an incessive need to be the center of attention?  Do I think my thoughts, experiences and opinions are so important that they must be shared with everyone?
No. I don’t think it’s any of those reasons. I think I don’t really want to talk to people and that is why I do. 
If I talk to people, if I always have something to interject, maybe they will think I care about the topic and choose to open up to me the way I do with others. If I talk to people they will think I am happy, they won’t know I am struggling sometimes with my own demons and didn’t even want to get out of bed this morning, or that I have to Google what they are talking about so I can say something intelligent and not feel like an idiot for having no idea what the topic is when so many people clearly know what it is about. 
Maybe that’s why I chose the career I did in Massage Therapy. I get to be one on one with so many people and learn so many things, but I also don’t have to say a word for a whole hour if I didn’t want to or if they didn’t want me to. 
I have come across many people that I think suffer from this same affliction, some speak like I do and some yell so that they are sure to be heard, and I’m sure you the reader will also have come across these people or know someone like that right now. Remember they will probably go home and wonder why they are the way they are, and they will be embarrassed, but they won’t change. Because it is more embarrassing to admit maybe you’re initiating your behaviour as a defence mechanism for something deeper, which would be admitting you may have a problem and potentially come across to not as strong as you have perceived. 
You will lead a lonely, empty, half-life if you don’t accept your possible flaws and work on them. You should always be working towards the best possible you. 



Why Do I Talk So Much?

A minor introduction to Astrology

There are two types of people in the world, those who believe in the science behind astrology, and those who don’t.

Those who don’t, don’t ever see it as a science and think of it more as something someone made up based on how many people they knew and when their birthdays ended up falling. Those who do believe, understand that there is years and years and years of study and calculations when it comes to the science of astrology and that it isn’t just determined by your sun sign.

Your horoscope/personality isn’t just made up of “oh I’m a Taurus and these are the characteristics of a Taurus. Just like your body is made up of many a cell and microorganism, your personality is made up of many heavenly bodies. Every planet and every zodiac is associated with your personality, it just happens to be that some may take precedent over others in how strong those attributes may be.

As there are twelve zodiacs, so too are there twelve what we call “houses” of your personality. Out of these houses there is four that are called the angular houses;

-Sun sign
-Moon sign
-Rising sing
-10th house sign

These houses each have areas of your life that they rule over, and coincide with the zodiac sign that falls into each one of them. The houses of function, as they are called, are as follows;

Sun sign – personal character/personality, house of life
Moon sign – latter part of life, house of endings
Rising sign – fortune of marriage, house of relationships
10th house sign – public recognition, house of substance

*the 8 other houses are called Succedent and Cadent respectively, and also fall into the 4 houses of function mentioned above*

I have found that this is the best website for discovering your 4 major aspects.

Mine would be as follows;

Sun Sign – Taurus
Moon Sign – Capricorn
Rising Sign – Scorpio
10th House Sign – Leo

My personality is Taurus, I am stubborn but reliable. I enjoy beautiful things such as music, clothing and art. (I use music as a therapist, I love great comfy clothing not necessarily good looking clothing, and I love to write and paint.) I can also be lazy and greedy. (Everyone has some negative qualities, *shrug*)

My Moon is in Capricorn which is the fourth house, more of a house of the future and what it might hold or how I might work around it. When the Moon is in Capricorn, these people tend to be ambitious and work towards a material goal. “Everything they do is with self-interest in mind” which I do find myself thinking lately and it greatly discourages me.

My Rising or relationship sign is Scorpio. This can be sometimes be read as a partner with Scorpio qualities or that is a Scorpio, but most likely it is read as what you desire in a relationship. The aspects of a Scorpio is a high emotional and sexual drive, someone who goes all-in and doesn’t usually “half-ass” anything.

My 10th House sign is Leo, this house rules work and how people view you. Leo’s tend to be generous but also over-confident and arrogant which can rub people the wrong way (I’ve done that a lot at work…oops…)

None of my zodiac signs are in their natural houses (as they all have houses that they would naturally rule and therefore the aspects of them would be much stronger. The aspects are still quite strong in my life and that is because they are all apart of my angular, or primary, houses.

There are obviously the either other houses and they each have their own meaning that coincides with whichever zodiac and planet is in each one for you.

I am barely scratching the surface on my own natal chart with the knowledge I have gained from Astrology for Beginners by William W. Hewitt, and I can’t do much else with my natal chart until I receive it, (provided the free offer in the book still stands.) All the information in this post has come from his book, that has been sitting on my shelf for far too long and I can’t believe I just opened it now! Click below to get your own copies.


This blog post has been written to try and help those conquer their retrograde selves or fears, which will be discussed in another post as we have FIVE plants in retrograde over August and September!!

Love & light my friends

xo D

A minor introduction to Astrology